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SMS VARIABLE ( Specific For Every Account)

  • APIKey: Instead of the username and password you can use the API KEYfor authentication of account.
  • senderid: Approved sender id(6 characters string only).
  • channel: Message channel Promotional=1 or Transactional=2.
  • route: Pass the route id in this parameter to route the message. Click Here for more information regarding your routeid.
  • DCS: Data coding value (Default is 0 for normal message, Set 8 for unicode sms).
  • flashsms : Flash message immediate display (Default is 0 for normal sms, Set 1 for immediate display).
  • number : Recipient mobile number (pass with comma seprated if need to send on more then one number).
  • text: Your sms content.
  • schedtime : Schedule date and time for scheduling message (DateTime formate will be 2014/10/06 20:30:00 PM yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss PM).
  • groupid : group id for numbers.
  • You can Only Send 100 Numbers in a Group

Error Codes

Erro Code Description
000 Done
001 login details cannot be blank
003 sender cannot be blank
004 message text cannot be blank
005 message data cannot be blank
006 error: generic error description
007 username or password is invalid
008 account not active
009 account locked, contact your account manager
010 api restriction
011 ip address restriction
012 invalid length of message text
013 mobile numbers not valid
014 account locked due to spam message contact support
015 senderid not valid
017 groupid not valid
018 multi message to group is not supported
019 schedule date is not valid
020 message or mobile number cannot be blank
021 insufficient credits
022 invalid jobid
023 parameter missing
024 invalid template or template mismatch
025 {Field} can not be blank or empty
026 invalid date range
027 invalid optin user

API Codes

HTTP Api for single SMS :

http://www.bulksms.netringindia.in/api/mt/SendSMS?APIKey=yourapicode&senderid=NETRNG&channel=2&DCS=0&flashsms=0&number=919400xxxxxxx&text=test message&route=3

Response :{"ErrorCode":"000","ErrorMessage":"Success","JobId":"20047","MessageData":[{"Number":"91989xxxxxxx","MessageId":"mvHdpSyS7UOs9hjxixQLvw"},{"Number":"91989xxxxxxx","MessageId":"PfivClgH20iG6G5R3usHwA"}]}

HTTP Api for Group SMS :

http://www.bulksms.netringindia.in/api/mt/SendSMS?APIKey=yourapicode&senderid=NETRNG&channel=3&DCS=0&flashsms=0&number=940044xxxxxxx&text=test message&groupid=###&route=1

Response : {"ErrorCode":"000","ErrorMessage":"Success","JobId":"20047","MessageData":[{"Number":"91989xxxxxxx","MessageId":"mvHdpSyS7UOs9hjxixQLvw"},{"Number":"91999xxxxxxx","MessageId":"PfivClgH20iG6G5R3usHwA"}]}

HTTP Api for Check Balance :


Response :{"ErrorCode":"0","ErrorMessage":"Success","Balance":"Promo:9988|Trans:0"}


SMS VARIABLE ( Specific For Every Account)


Please Read the genaral questions and answers regarding API Documents .

You can see this under API Menu , Error codes

Yes of course . For See the Demo vist http://sms.netringindia.in/httpapi.php

Yes we offer that you can look http api section under this website for more details

Yes Please use Php Api for better result in this sections




Disclaimer: The Commercials are subject to change/modification from time to time depending on the change in regulatory conditions or commercials offered by Network Operator(s).